Proof of Success

Ryan, Ok, Crystal and I have to brag on Cameron and the work that both you and Cameron have done, about 3-4 weekends ago, Columbus Parks & Rec had the evaluations for the baseball league he is now playing in.
There was I believe five different stations that each player had to participate in:
Hitting, Pitching, Fielding (Fly Balls & Grounders), Timed Run (Home Plate to 1st Base), Timed Run (1st Base to 3rd Base)
I’m not sure how the scoring was done, but there was a total of 15 points that could be earned. There were a total of 135-140 kids that participated in the evaluations.
So, Thursday night, Park & Rec had the first coaches meeting and all the teams were put together.  Myself and a guy that Cameron has been playing for since he was 4-5 years old are coaching a team together. Since I’m coaching he was automatically put on my team and his evaluation results were not needed for all to see. However, I was interested to see how he did.
Ryan you will not believe this, like I said, not sure how they get the numbers, HOWEVER, Cameron ended up scoring 14.70 out of 15. Guess what, of all the 135-140 players, Cameron had the HIGHEST score. The next closest was 14.009. Ryan, I’ve never been any prouder of the little guy.
The work that you and Cameron have been doing is definitely showing and really paying off!!
I can’t say it enough, thank you for all that you have done with Cameron!!

Scott Pritchard

Immediately after MVP opened its doors, my son’s travel team chose to be a part of the very first “Winter Academy”.  Since I was fortunate enough to be a part of the coaching staff, I was eager to see if the drills that the boys were doing would make a difference.  The confidence the boys started the season with was absolutely amazing!  Our first tournament that year, the boys scored 79 runs in 5 games!  They produced runs by pounding the ball and not taking walks like so many tend to do early in the season.  The boys had an aggressive mindset right out of the gate and it translated to wins against great teams.  Our defense even improved because they had developed such a great confidence.  After being a part of such a great season, I know that MVP is the best place for our 2 sons to play their travel ball as we move into their high school years.  I highly recommend MVP and their staff because I know firsthand that if an athlete is willing to listen and do what is asked of them, they will develop a confidence that will allow them to compete at the highest level.

Kevin Sprong

After the 2014 summer travel baseball season was over, I started looking into getting my 14 year old son some hitting instruction. He has always been a reliable contact hitter but not much power. I decided on Ryan Richardson from MVP. It took Ryan only two weeks to make a big improvement in my son’s swing. The little things I could not see, Ryan saw and knew how to fix them. Ryan fixed the things that were preventing my son from hitting with power. After about 12 weeks of instruction, I can say I now believe that my son will now hit many balls to deep outfield if not the fence on a high school size diamond. We have also started pitching lessons to help polish the mechanics and learn some new pitches. After just 6 weeks, my son has increased his velocity and his mechanics are right on track. He has already began throwing cut fastballs and change ups with some effectiveness. The strength training Ryan puts him through has helped in that process. The things I like the most about having Ryan as an instructor is that he has played baseball himself and knows what he is talking about, the way he goes about teaching something new, and the positive reinforcement he uses with my son. Ryan makes his sessions fun and they don’t feel like a workout. He relates very well to my son and I think he has done a tremendous job with my son. I plan on having Ryan as my son’s instructor from now on. I would recommend that anyone considering looking for a hitting or pitching or hitting instructor contact Ryan Richardson.

Mark Adams

Training at MVP has allowed our son to develop his skills to be competitive on a high level.  Ryan relates very well with kids and as a former college player is an inspiring model.  Working with Barry has made a significant improvement in our son’s explosiveness and overall athletic ability.  Thank you Ryan and Barry.

Chris and Carolyn Phillips

I started bringing my 7 year old in to hit during the winter and started lessons with MVP this past spring.  The lessons were just as much for me as a parent as they were for my son.  I wanted to make sure I was reinforcing the right details with him throughout the spring and summer.  Ryan focuses on the foundations of my son’s swing and not every single little detail.  He is incredibly positive and makes sure my son understands “why” he’s working with him on something.  The improvement in my son’s hitting from March to July is significant.  He looks forward to his lessons with Ryan and wants to work on what he’s learning in between lessons.  I’m thankful that we have a facility like MVP nearby with great people on staff wanting to help kids get better at baseball.

Chris Bush

….Not having success finding a Catching Instructor that would stay for more than 1 to 2 sessions,   for our 14 year old son, we drove down to MVP shortly after the facility was opened.  They immediately assigned our son to Catching Instructor, Joe Mack.

Our son has been working consistently with Joe for more than 17 months, and we added instruction on hitting as well.  Note that when we started the catching, we were forcing our son to go.  He did not want to be a catcher.  Joe encouraged him to get through, at least, the series of lessons that Garett’s grandpa had paid for.  Joe said, “You better be a pretty good fielder  to convince me you shouldn’t catch.” He then pushed a little further, and told Garett, “If you still hate it after you have caught a couple live games, we’ll stop.”    Joe Mack has taught him the skills and mechanics to make Garett the #1 catcher on his travel team this year.  Guess what?  Garett loves catching…Garett is a catcher!

But I know, it is the training on” how to catch” that gave Garett the first confidence he needed to even try it.  Joe Mack is a Coach our son respects, values his teaching, and looks forward to every lesson.  Joe has been a great encourager to Garett, and is an awesome young man that told me once, “I have the best job!  I get to play baseball  everyday.”  His love for the game is evident.  He is vested in every kid he instructs.  He respects the time and monetary investment we parents make ( and I love that!).  I believe Joe’s knowledge, instinct, and honesty to give an assessment of his student’s abilities, makes him an invaluable asset to MVP Baseball and Softball Academy, and any kid that has the dream of becoming a baseball/softball player.

Davida Hill

Joe Mack:

Knowledgeable:  hitting and catching

Truthful: will give you an honest assessment of your child

Pleasant:  works well with student and family

Communicates:  answers any questions

Ability to listen and encourage:  Listens to students concerns gives them physical and mental encouragement; Patient, yet demanding; Brings a student along at their pace but, expects them to bring a maximum effort to each workout session

I have been very impressed with Garett’s improvement over the past year and a half; we intend to continue with Joe’s instruction.

p.s. The personal training staff is excellent, (keep up the great work Barry)

David Hankins (Proud grandparent)

Ryan, We just finished up the high school season and GCA won the sectional title.  It was a great season.  Braden evolved into the number one pitcher for the team and did quite well. In the championship game he pitched seven innings and allowed one run (unearned) and four hits. He also hit the game tying homerun in the top of the seventh with two outs and two strikes.  OK – now I’m bragging.

I just wanted to thank you and Tony for your help in progressing Braden’s pitching.  He learned a lot from you and it has helped him tremendously.

Bernie Doyle also helped him a lot in his hitting.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Wayne Murray

I am very pleased to provide an update about my daughter, Lauren, who has been taking hitting lessons from Ryan Richardson for over a year now.  Before we switched to Ryan, Lauren was really struggling to make contact and was so frustrated she didn’t want to practice and I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to help her.   A friend of mine told me his daughter was taking lessons with Ryan at MVP and I immediately noticed how much she had improved.  I brought Lauren to Ryan for her first lesson and before we could walk out of the building she said she wanted to come back.  After only 4 or 5 lessons I noticed a significant improvement in her swing and her confidence as Ryan changed her from a linear to a rotational hitter.  In the past year Ryan has not only ingrained the fundamentals of the rotational swing (hips lead the hands, match the plane of the swing with the plane of the pitch and keep the hands inside the ball), but also taught her how to hit pitches in all locations and with significantly more power.     In short, her confidence is high and she is having a blast playing softball!

I was so happy with Lauren’s progress that I enrolled my younger daughter, Emily.  Emily had also been learning a linear swing that just wasn’t working.   She was having trouble making contact and lacked power.  She kept asking me why she wasn’t making contact and why her hits didn’t go further so I knew it was time for her to go see Ryan too.  Ryan has taught her the power in the rotational swing comes from the legs not the arms and that you need to keep all that energy close to the body, not away from it.  You don’t have to be big to hit the ball hard, but you need sound mechanics.  She is now starting to achieve her true potential and is making better contact and hitting the ball much harder than last year.  Most importantly, she is having fun and no longer asks why.

My two girls could not be any more different, but Ryan is able to adapt his teaching style to match their personalities.  Lauren is more of a feel player and Emily is more analytical, but if you looked at video of their swings side by side you would see they are almost identical.  I have personally seen the transformation of some of Ryan’s other students and can’t help but be impressed with their progress.  They all make better contact and hit for more power.  Thank you Ryan!

Rick Wackerly

Just a short note to say “Thank You” for the work you have done with Grant over the last few months.  As you are aware, he was struggling with his velocity and consistency when throwing the ball around the infield.  After reworking his mechanics and getting back to the fundamentals, I am shocked at the difference.  He is much improved in this area which allows us to focus on other things!  In addition, I want to send my appreciation for allowing our Center Grove travel team to call MVP our indoor home during the offseason.  MVP’s development work (including camps) with our players and the facility rentals have allowed us to hit the ground running as the weather turns.  Thanks again for your work – we look forward to continuing the partnership!

Steve Sawa

I started taking my 14 year old son to Ryan at MVP not long after MVP opened in 2012.  My son had been playing for a local travel baseball team since he was 9 and had been working with a local university assistant baseball coach on his hitting and pitching.  After 2 years of working with this coach I became frustrated at seeing no noticeable progress or any indication that there would be.  Though this coach was very knowledgeable and seemed to know a lot about hitting he didn’t seem to notice or worse yet just ignored the bad hitches that my son had.   I’m no expert but I could see that he had some problems that weren’t being addressed.  It was the same routine over and over.

It was during the fall when I finally got fed up and took my son to MVP and Ryan.  I figured I had nothing to lose and would see if his approach would be different, more importantly though I wanted to see if the different approach would be effective.

I can honestly say that not only did my son start to hit the ball better starting in the spring but over the course of a season started making solid contact more often with more power and seemed to see the ball better.  He had less strike outs, saw the ball better and learned the mental side of how to approach each at bat.

Ryan recorded him on his first day and now just recently recorded him again and after a year of working with him the difference is truly remarkable.  Whereas before my son hit with little to no power and always to the right side of the field he was now able to hit with substantial power and to the entire field.

Not only did Ryan help my son start hitting better but he helped him become a very effective pitcher too.

Ryan’s approach seems so simple. In today’s word where it seems most hitting and/or pitching instructors just walk kids through the same old routine every session.  They really never once truly break down their form whether hitting or pitching to see what works and what doesn’t.  It’s no wonder why kids don’t improve.  It’s like a cookie cutter approach and my son was just another part on the assembly line.

If you want someone to truly work with your son or daughter and take a personal interest in your child then I recommend Ryan at MVP to you.  I’m no expert on baseball but I wasn’t a novice either, and to see Ryan take a personal interest in seeing my son succeed on the field was money well spent!  Stop wasting your time with the cookie cutter – assembly line approach and visit Ryan at MVP.

For quality and value, MVP gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Eric Linton

Our son started hitting lessons with Ryan in January 2013.  He had been struggling with his hitting during the previous summer baseball season and was looking for quality instruction on how to improve.  Ryan has provided that and more during the past year. In providing instruction, Ryan doesn’t just go through the motions with our son but helps him understand the corrections he needs to make and why.  Ryan relates very well to our son and provides ideas and challenges for what he should be doing on his own to improve not only his hitting but his baseball game in general.  We have definitely seen improvement in our son’s hitting and know that Ryan is equipping him with the knowledge he needs to improve his hitting.

Cheryl McAllen

We use MVP’s tunnels a couple times per week. My son loves it when an instructor or employee stops by to give a tip. One minor suggestion added a little extra zip to my son’s pitching. Those pointers, from others, go a long way towards building confidence and overall development.

Craig Boas

My Daughter started attending MVP the day it opened. She is a 12 year old catcher for girls fast pitch and needed help learning special skills catcher’s need to play the game. She also needed help finding her comfort zone in the batting box to improve her batting average. MVP had exactly the right people to teach her the skill set she needed to improve her game. They really focused on her needs and what felt right for her and listened to my concerns before every practice. She has improved her game considerably since starting lessons at MVP. She now hits in every game, scores in every game and plays the entire game as catcher and consistently makes outs at home plate. MVP not only teaches her the skills she needs to compete as an athlete, but they also continuously educate her on the fundamentals of being a part of a team and what it takes to keep her composure and team spirit during intense competitive situations. I truly believe no matter what level you play your game, any young athlete can walk away from MVP learning lessons that will not only improve their game, but teach them life lessons for their future.

 Jen Harris

In just 4 lessons with Ryan my son has seen his overall batting improve dramatically.  Really looking forward to his continued progress in the future!

Brent Shewmaker

Myself and my son Ryan would like to thank Ryan Richardson for the outstanding instruction and self confidence that he has given my son over the winter.  It has helped  develop him as a pitcher. We have grown to really look forward to seeing him every week and for what new instruction he would bring to the lesson. It was a great pleasure in working with him and getting to know him. I know in the future he will be the first person we will see when it comes to lessons and instruction. I would recommend anyone take there son or daughter to him for any lesson.

Travis and Ryan Henry

Ryan , Jackson and I would like to thank you and Tony for the lessons Jackson received this spring. I am really pleased with the attitude that is displayed during the lessons.  Jackson was always anxious to go to lessons and always left excited about what he had learned. That is worth everything to my wife and I. Your facility is excellent and very convenient. Thanks for all you’ve done.

Scott and Jackson Webb

My 10 year old daughter, Lauren, has been taking hitting lessons from Ryan for approximately 3 months.  She was struggling with a swing that was too long and not on plane.  Ryan has done a fantastic job of providing her proper technique and has restored her confidence to hit and her desire to practice again.  He has taught the Mike Epstein fundamentals, but in terms she can understand and more importantly feel.  He keeps it simple so she doesn’t have a bunch of swing thoughts in her head.  She just lets her muscle memory take over.  And yes, the Mike Epstein system does work for softball too (Just ask the USA Softball Team)!  Her ball flight has changed from fly balls  that can easily be caught to very sharply hit line drives and her batting average has increased sharply from last year.  Just spend a few minutes talking with Ryan and you will quickly find he has a vast hitting knowledge, teaches with a positive manner and is a quality person.  I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who aspires to take their hitting to the next level.

Rick Wackerly

Our daughter, Mackenzie, has played Recreational and All Star softball each summer for 10 years.  She was always a good player and loved the game…then one day in practice, 5 years ago, she got hit by a wild pitch from a team mate.  She immediately became afraid of the ball and backed out of the batter’s box every time she was up to bat for 3 solid seasons!  She has been fighting her way back to having confidence in herself and in her abilities in the sport again ever since.  Now it came time to begin conditioning and tryouts for the high school team, a goal she has had for many years, and she was concerned that she might struggle to make the team due to this fear.  Mackenzie began taking hitting lessons with Ryan at MVP and immediately said she could feel a difference in herself, and we could see it!  She looked forward to her weekly sessions with Ryan and grew stronger as a player each week.  One of the first things she said to us, after she secured her spot on the Center Grove High School Softball team last week was how excited she was to tell Ryan that she made it!  Thanks Ryan, for all the hard work you have done and continue to put in with Mackenzie.  You have given her back the confidence in her sport and in her skills that she had not found anywhere else!

Jen and EW England

For the last 5 years I had my travel team practicing at another facility on the South Side and thought I would give MVP a try after stopping by.  I can tell you it was a great decision to move my son and Travel team to MVP for our lessons.  The lessons provided by Ryan have already made an impact on the team.  So much so that I now have Ryan working with my son one on one.  Since beginning his pitching lessons we have seen an average increase of about 5 miles per hour on his fastball and a total change in balance in his swing.  I can’t say enough about the ownership and trainers at MVP!  There is a true dedication to each member that I for one greatly appreciate!

Brian Wells

Indiana Elite Baseball

As parents, we have always wanted to give our children a competitive advantage.  Your hitting and catching instruction has made our son a better player, and we have seen more confidence in him as a result.  Because of the batting skills learned from MVP he can now recognize if his swing is off and correct it immediately.  The time spent at your facility has been fantastic.  We would recommend MVP to anyone interested in being a better baseball player. Thanks for all the work you have put into making Alex a better baseball player.  We look forward to continuing working with you.

Mark, Cindy, and Alex Gregory

Thank you! Thank you!  The hitting instruction I received has truly been a game-changer.  You helped me make corrections to my swing that have greatly increased my consistency and power.   You make learning fun.  You and your entire staff are awesome!

Alex Gregory (Student)

“I had heard about MVP Indy thru a parent on my son Jonathan’s baseball team several months ago and we decided to stop by and give it a try.  We had been looking for the right fit for hitting and pitching instruction after his previous instructor stopped having lessons.   We were very happy with Ryan from the beginning.   My son just finished his first season of playing baseball, having never played before, and we were looking for instruction to help get him to the next level.  We were also looking for someone that was knowledgeable and disciplined, yet fun and positive at the same time.   Ryan made a good connection with my son and he has responded well in his development over the last few months.  So well in fact, he was able to make a spring travel team.  Ryan was also gracious enough to help run the evaluation when the team’s coaches came to see my son in person.

As a parent it is extremely difficult to coach or train your own child, so finding the right instructor and facility is extremely important if you really want to help them develop.  We have had nothing but positive experiences with Ryan and MVP Indy and will be continuing to go there for my son’s instruction.  I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone and would encourage you to come check out what he has to offer. “

Jon Adams (and son Jonathan)

Our son Kaden has been receiving lessons from Ryan for a few months now.  His swing has improved dramatically under Ryan’s tutelage.  I had been trying to adjust several different aspects of my son’s swing for a long time and we were not experiencing any real or sustained progress.  Ryan has been able to transform him into much more consistent, powerful, and fundamental hitter over his short time of working with him.  I can’t wait to see the progress next spring when the games begin, but at least for now I can see the difference with the amazing video equipment and software he uses to help Kaden see what is being taught.  I recommend anyone looking for a place to hit and receive instruction check MVP out.  Ryan’s prices are lower and the instruction has been better than other places we have been.  We will continue to be clients of Ryan’s for a long time.

Luke Skobel

My Daughter Audrie has been playing softball for 4 years.  She has been going to MVP (Ryan) for hitting lessons for 8 weeks and her hitting has come a long way.  Ryan has been working with her weekly and already I can tell a big difference.  Audrie’s batting average for her last tournament was .615 and it was the highest on her team.  Ryan has helped her become more of a power hitter.  The videos are an excellent teaching tool.  Ryan cares about how she does in her games and always asks how she did.  I am very pleased on how quickly she has progressed.  We will be client’s of MVP and Ryan for a long time.

Shawn Wilkins

“Our son, Jackson has been playing baseball for 4 years.  Last year he took lessons at another facility and although the instruction helped him, it took more than a year with two different instructors which didn’t compare to MVP & Ryan (owner).  Ryan works with Jackson on a weekly basis and has had outstanding results in the last 10 weeks.  His hitting has improved dramatically and he hit his first grand slam home run under Ryan’s instruction!  More importantly, Ryan cares about Jackson’s improvement and obviously loves what he does.  The one on one instruction is priceless and the videos he takes to show progression is amazing!  We will be clients of MVP & Ryan for years to come!”

Kyle and Melissa Wang


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